About this Website (version française ici)

Welcome on my Website. Before going any further, I want you to understand that this Website is a permanent work in progress, which evolves according to my tastes, my mood and the passing of the time. Therefore, I apologize for inconvenients (broken links, moved pages, etc.) that you might encounter while navigating through the site.

A little warning

I would like you to not jugde me (in bad or in good) through the sole lecture of these pages. Building a Website means writing the same Web pages for a lot of people coming from very different backgrounds, which is even more likely when the Website is more eclectic than specialized in one topic. In the everyday life, people already have a strong tendancy to quickly judge people (unfortunately...), so I let you imagine what it could give through the forced virtualization of the Internet. So please take this little warning into account. And thanks to David Madore for providing me the inspiration of these sensible words.

But what are we to find here ?

This Website is "personnal" in the way that I can talk about mostly everything going through my head (and ending on my blog), an "everything" which can represent in the end a non negligible number of topics, very eclectic as a whole. Even if there is no common unifying subject to my interests, this Website was somehow created with the aim to stress more especially two of my "artistic" passions, that is to say, writing (I write to build this website, or I build this website to write [code giving me headaches] ? :-) ) and photography. Most of my writings can be found on my blog. As for the photos I am taking as a newbie, I dedicated them a whole bunch of galleries.

Why tituscapulet ? Why not ?

Good question indeed :-). A little flashback is needed...

I created my first email when I was 18. A highly emotional moment ! Because I was young and innocent, my heart instantly turned towards the fashionable webmail of the time, hotmail. I just had to create my email to be in contact with my friends (via msn). Well, I must say it never occured to me that I could have created an email such as firstname.lastname at hotmail dot com. I must have been thinking for a minute or so before choosing tituscapulet ^^. Ok, very well. But that does not tell us the whole story. Why tituscapulet ? Well, being a great fan of William Shakespeare (no, he did not signed me any autograph), I chose to combine the first name of the main character from the tragedy Titus Andronicus with Juliette's last name (i.e. Capulet) from Roméo and Juliette. Here we are, it gives tituscapulet :-).

After its moments of glory, this email step by step came to an end. Today it is almost useless, except as a very effective spam inbox. Do never write to me at this address (that I don't really give to you anyway) because I look at my "messages" twice a year at best.

The email died, but the name is still well alive. It has now become a little nickname I use in particular situations. And I love this name so much that I made it my domain's name.

How to contact me ?

Here are some reliable ways to contact me.
By email : guillaume@tituscapulet.org

Thanks !

To you reader even if it's just this sentence you've been reading !
To OVH for hosting this website.