Should this blog be bilingual ?

Good question ! Indeed, since a few weeks, I am more and more thinking about writing at list half of the articles on this blog in English. The writing of my english speedwritings convinced me that I was fully able to do so, even if not reaching the level that I achieve in French. However, I want people from all around the world to be able to read my blog, and writing things in English is a good step to succeed.  When I started this blog, this was rather the contrary ; i.e. I only wanted a few friends of mine to enjoy (or not^^) this blog. Now times have changed and I also changed a lot since a year or so. Well, I did not really changed, but my way of viewing life and what I wanted to do and try have changed. Since I discovered that I had no more to be ashamed of my sensitive personality, I started to write this thing that I had in mind for a long, long time. I even discovered the title during my trip in Australia. It appeared so obvious at the moment, but I am not yet unveiling it ! I don’t even know when I will be able to publish my writing but I promise, I won’t die before it’s done 😉

Hmm, this entry is rather confusing no ? Still an effect from the jet lag I suppose ^^ Well, to come back to the main subject, yes, I will write entries in English, and no, each entry won’t have a translation in French (resp. in English) if written in English (resp. in French).

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