She was wandering through the streets, unable to choose her way. She did not even know where she was coming from or what time it was. Well, it was full night and full moon, this at least she could tell. She tried to gaze at the stars, the way she used to do it at her mother’s friend’s house a long time ago, but she could not put a name on them. The more she concentrated and raised her head, the more she was feeling dizzy. Oh, that was not the way she was expecting things to turn. Back in the garden of her mother’s friend, during one of these hot summer nights, she knew everything. The name of stars, their position, which constellations they were a part of. She was curious of everything. She was 4 years old. She was brilliant. Why this ? Why that ? Why, why, why ? Always keeping asking questions, never stopping before getting the answers. Well, she was 4 years old. Brilliant mind obviously, but all the more irritating and tiring for the adults surrounding her ! Nothing worse than a child behaving like an adult. But she found people with enough patience to stand her and her stupid questions.

Now, they were all gone. The people, and the answers to her questions. She was left alone in this fucking miserable city. She felt so sick. She stopped and threw up on a bench. Luckily no one around to look at her decrepitude. What a shame ! She used to be so polite and behaving so well. She recomposed herself after a few minutes, at least finding enough energy to catch a glimpse at the bridge which was unveiled a few meters ahead of her. Watch your step my girl, you don’t want to fall, do you ? That was the crazy witch living everywhere but where exactly ? Whatever, you were sure to come upon her in every streets of the town. A witch ! Appearing in front of you, passing by, you returned and BOOM, she had vanished without even taking the time to add the fun of it, some superficial tricks, smoke, sparks, weird noises. Nothing. Perhaps she was running out of money ? Perhaps she was in her mind ? Or a collective hallucination ? Everybody was becoming a fool in this city in any case.

Bridge. Stop. She climbs upon the south edge. She could jump. That could not be so bad after all. Could it ? Hey, what are you doing ? You want to jump ? It’s a 8 meters free fall to the river. Are you kidding me ? Not only you are a coward but you seem utterly stupid. Shut the fuck up ! Never mind… Well they were right. You are looking forward to a huge spot, and it’s not so high a bridge after all. Quite disappointing. She should look after another one more convenient to perform her positions. A little voice now. Hey !! And what about me ? That was Meemee, her cat ! You go and you don’t even care to leave me food and milk ! What kind of pet am I for you to despise me so much ! I am not a wild beast you know. I don’t know how to look for food. I tried to catch a little bird the other time. I almost fell off the roof ! I am so scared now. Even other cats are making fun of me ! As if my nickname was not enough… You can’t leave me. Oh please, don’t try to make me feel guilty now !! She was on the verge of a nervous breakdown !!! It is just a fucking diving platform. Another hot summer. She wanted to cool a little bit and take the gold home !