Iceland travel and photos

It will have taken me some time, but I finally edited my whole set of photos from my recent trip to Iceland ! Usually, I put them on the photo gallery area of my website, but this time, I decided that I would put them directly on the blog (and perhaps put them on the gallery area also, or at least providing a link which will lead here, lots of existential questions !). Anyway, I hope you will find them as nice as I found them to be ! Iceland is such a great country if you want to wander into the wild without being annoyed by lots of tourists. Being a tourist without meeting too many of them, that is the dream. Iceland is so amazing when it comes to unbelievable landscapes, from pure wildness to geysers, northern lights, snow, sun, sea, icebergs and so forth ! And if you are a photographer, or at least try to be a good one, you have the best conditions ever to put your skills to the test ! It is not for me to judge if I succeeded, but I can tell that I enjoyed a lot taking pictures in all those different conditions. And these photos are by far my best set since I started photography two years ago. It would be difficult to pick up one moment among all those amazing days I spent with my friends there. But I must say that watching icebergs, with such a nice weather around noon whereas it was snowing back when we took the car in the morning, being almost alone (okay, we met very briefly a group of two Taiwanese and one Japanese 🙂 ), that is not far from my best memory of this first travel, just for the Zen of it :-). First travel, because indeed, I wish there will be another one very soon. We only had one week and so we stayed mostly on the south coast of Iceland. But the whole north is still waiting for us !

Now, enough for my impressions. Photos :-). Just click on the photos displayed here to watch all of them.

Iceland wildness:

The famous icebergs:

An amazing shore, and to begin with, a scary but no less impressive rock skull:


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