Am I still alive ?

Yes I am, thanks 🙂

But after a lot of activity on this blog since December 2011, I have been really really busy for a month or so which led me to not post a single entry during June. Shame on me !

Don’t worry, I still have plenty of things to say. But as usual, time is always my nemesis ! Things should get better in the coming weeks. 🙂

To not let this entry  becoming as meaningless as a « I am writing to say I don’t have time to write », here are great news (or not…?^^):

– a few months after Newton, I hereby officially and solemnly announce the arrival of Wilde (clap! clap! clap!). Wilde is the little brother of Newton, but more powerful, i.e. 2 Ghz CPU and 2 Go of RAM. Since Newton is still running on Fedora, I plan to install again (after an frustrating try) Ubuntu, and this time, I am confident enough in my new baby. Wilde can handle Ubuntu. 🙂

Well, I will keep you in touch with this fascinating PC story ^^

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