Focus on 2017

Foreword: I just copy-paste here my little « summary » on the 2017 year, which was quite a year, full of challenges and changes. This text was published a few days ago on my Facebook page (and in English, that’s why I’m keeping this entry is English as well for the sake of consistency). Maybe I’ll return in more details and in French on the 2017 season in a future post. I guess another future post should be obviously about the 2018 year to come 🙂

Okay, 2017 is over for good. So let’s take a quick look at the little challenges I undertook in 2017 before thinking about 2018.
I will not list everything, but without thinking too much about it, there are already lots of things coming through my mind, which is a good thing !

Thanks to my buddy Sam, I started running almost seriously (whatever that means), meaning in particular:
– a total distance of almost 200 km covered
– my first 5K charity run in the The Netherlands in June
– my first official 10K during the « Corrida Pedestre » de Toulouse

I set foot for the first time in the United Stated during the Summer holidays for a wonderful trip:
– enjoying especially the beautiful wild beaches of the Oregon state
– discovering the famous city of Astoria, a must-see for all Goonies fans !
– enjoying playing with my camera again !
– and last but not least, finally witnessing my first total Sun Eclipse !

I was one of the lucky ones to assist to the Joe Hisaishi Symphonic Concert at the Palais des Congrès in Paris !
Speaking about music, I started playing the cello !
I broke my year-round record for total movies watched in theatres, culminating at 35 (not so far from the 52 initially foreseen )
I finally got my first tennis classification (thanks to my only official match which happened to be a defeat )

I took the important decision to sell my apartment in the Toulouse suburbs to find a temporary new place in Toulouse downtown.
I tried during the past year to always improve myself in order to be a better human being, for my own sake and for the sake of the people I encounter in my daily life, trying to learn new things and always be curious about life and about people. I can’t say everything has been perfect, there were some setbacks, but it was an overall positive run !
And most importantly, I made very good new friendships and consolidated the old ones

And I begin 2018 full of (realistic) hopes and expectations, but that’s for another rant !

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